This is my 2nd wedding back post arm break!

The songs!

I love to start every wedding post by giving credit to some of the wonderful songs the couple requested.

Ceremony: Walking down the aisle songs

All That Matters by Christina Perri

Ceremony: signing of the register songs

Ceremony: Couple exit song

Wedding Drinks Reception Songs:

They left it to me! Which was lovely, I had the discretion to play whatever I felt was right in the moment!

About the Wedding Venue Newton Hall

Newton hall is such a great venue, and an easy one to perform at. The staff is always so accommodating and ensures you know exactly where you need to be throughout the wedding. It had been a few years since I’d attended a wedding here, so it was great to be back.
The Ceremony was held in ‘the enchanted chapel’. A medium-sized wedding hall with a capacity of around 70. The enchanted chapel was only recently re-developed and done up by the newton hall team in 2020, it looks fab, to say the least! Read more about Newton Halls Enchanted Chapel here.

After the ceremony, the guests attended the drinks reception, which was held outside. I think EVERY wedding I’ve attended has had lovely weather, I can’t recall a single one that didn’t. Which should be a sales pitch within itself!

Wedding Timings at Newton Hall

Wedding timings are usually near about the same at most venues. But some people love to know, both other musicians and potential wedding venue seekers! The ceremony started at 2pm, with guests slowly making their way in. Once all guests are seated and settled (2:30pm). The bride makes her entrance down the aisle. The ceremony itself typically takes 30 minutes. At 3pm all the guests have 1 hour in the drinks reception before making their way down for some good grub at 4pm.

For music nerds: Gear of choice for the wedding

Those who know me, know that I use Matons predominantly live. This is due to their pickup being exceptional, and nothing else quite rivaling it. For this wedding, I decided to do something totally different. Bring my favourite guitar, EVER! A McClaren Guitars Performance Series. This guitar is just built for playing live! It sounds fantastic acoustically and has a stage pro anthem pickup system in it currently. In my opinion, the Anthem Stage-Pro doesn’t quite cut it in comparison to the Maton AP5-pro. But it is the next best thing.

Of course for amps, I’m using my trusty AER Compact 60. Nothing compares to this amp, nothing. If you’re an acoustic guitarist and you haven’t tried one…. try one!

A message from the couple

I haven’t got one yet! It was only today, but I’ll make sure to update this post when I do!

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