My first wedding in over 3 years! Feels crazy to say. It was an honor to be performing at Chris & Anastasija’s wedding at Le Petit Chateau – Otterburn

The songs!

I love to start every wedding post by giving credit to some of the wonderful songs the couple requested.

Ceremony: Walking down the aisle songs

Bon Iver – Skinny Love

Ceremony: signing of the register songs

Ceremony: Couple exit song

Wedding Drinks Reception Songs:

They left it to me for the most part but asked kindly if I could include some of the following.

About the Wedding Venue Le Petite Chateau

Le Petite Chateau officially goes down as my favorite venue. The weddings are always so perfectly planned, timings are always spot on and the staff is wonderful. I’ve performed the majority of the weddings I’ve done there. I’m not sure why this one keeps cropping up for me, but I’m damn glad it does!
The ceremony was held in ‘La Bella Epoque’. A medium-sized French Chapel-style ceremony room that is absolutely beautiful. If you’d like to read more about this room, visit their site here: Le Petite Chateau Wedding Room

After the ceremony, the guests attended the drinks reception, which was held outside in the ‘Mediterranean Terrace’ . Yet another wedding where the weather turned out to be great, despite the forecast!

Wedding Timings at Le Petit Chateau

Wedding timings are usually near about the same at most venues. But some people love to know, both other musicians and potential wedding venue seekers! The ceremony started at 1pm, with guests slowly making their way in. Once all guests are seated and settled (1:30pm). The bride makes her entrance down the aisle. The ceremony itself typically takes 30 minutes. At 2pm all the guests have an hour and a half in the drinks reception before making their way down for some good grub at 3:30pm.

For music nerds: Gear of choice for the wedding

For this wedding, I brought my trusty Maton EBG808C. The reason I use this guitar purely boils down to the pickup system. The AP5 PRO is by far the best pickup system in the market. There’s nothing better, the downside to this system is that it is very much ‘built into’ the guitar. Leaving you stuck with the brand. If you’re interested in buying a guitar geared towards performance, I would either suggest the Matons or a guitar by the fantastic McClaren Guitars in Northern England.

Of course for amps, I’m using my trusty AER Compact 60. Nothing compares to this amp, nothing. If you’re an acoustic guitarist and you haven’t tried one…. try one!

A message from the couple

“Connor was wonderful on our wedding day, at Le Petit Chateau. He played the acoustic guitar beautifully throughout the morning, ceremony and into the afternoon. The music he played, fit into the day very well and he was extremely accommodating by moving with us from inside to out, to ensure we got the best of his music.”

Chris & Anastasija – 19/04/2022

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