First Video Back!

I quite literally can’t believe its been over a year since I’ve posted basically anything on social media.  I’m sure the most astute among you have noticed why. 

This video took a long long time to do and its quite hard to express the time and effort it took to get to this place. 

As of right now, i still have no movement in the FPL muscle, which means no ability to grip the guitar neck.  Resulting in a near-complete lack of ability to play properly.  In order to actually press down on the strings, I have to pull using my whole shoulder and arm, which takes a lot of strength and makes it quite difficult to move between various positions.   I accept that there’s really no way I can make this way of playing viable long term for more than 5 minute bursts.  But at least I’m trying to get enjoyment out of the thing I’ve loved most my entire life.

For those who are curios as to what this feels like and how you have to adapt. Try playing without the thumb hitting the guitar neck at all…. its weird! 

For those who are curios about the gear i’m using and the techy stuff, here you go! 🙂 

Microphones: Aston Spirit and 2x Aston Starlights
Guitar: McClaren Guitars Performance series,
Reverb: Tonewood Amp (All acoustic)! 

First Video Back! Saltwater - Julian Lennon (Tommy Emmanuel Arrangement)

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