Arm Break *Update*

Hey everyone! Wow it’s been a while since I’ve been on here.

So I haven’t done a great job of updating everyone on instagram over the past year, in fact I’ve done a shocking job. It’s been a rough year for us all but I’ve also had a fairly life changing event occur. I think it’s time I tell you all about it and do a bit of a catch up on here. Post about the incident and first surgery below:

Last august I had a small fall that resulted in a break of both bones in my left forearm. The break was bad, but nothing extremely out of the ordinary. I went in for surgery to plate and bolt both bones not knowing the long term effects that were ahead of me. 

I was fine with it at the time to be honest. Shit happens, and it’s not my first visit to hospital so I felt fairly at ease and thought I’d only not be able to play guitar for a couple of weeks… and oh was I wrong.

After the first surgery, I was feeling good… though my arm wasn’t. To my knowledge the surgery went well and I felt I’d make a routine recovery. Unfortunately 2/4 weeks after the surgery it was noticed I had absolutely no movement in my thumb. And about 10 weeks after that the surgeons agreed something was wrong. After a few tests with conflicting results it was decided that there was something wrong with the FPL muscle and potentially some tethering against the plate that they installed. After many delays the second surgery happened on March 12th. 

That surgery also went well, I was awake during it and it seemed like the surgeons had figured it out…. Long story short. I’m still not fixed. My FPL muscle/ tendon is weak and barely functions. This effects guitar grip more than any other muscle, so it means as of right now: I cannot play guitar in the way that I used to for all my life. It’s heart breaking, but I’m now facing the reality of the situation that there may not be a simple fix for this. Theres photos of both surgeries in the post above.

I’m currently in the talks with surgeons about getting an EMG study and a CT scan to help further diagnose what the problem may be. But we’re now just over a year since the break with barely any improvement. Crazy times! 

Thats just about the gist. I’ve got one more post coming that’s more of a thank you for the support so far. It’s been greatly appreciated.

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